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Image00006We really hope you like it! As a truly member focussed society we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions about the site so please have a look around and get in touch. If you’re already a member you can access the members only area, where you can download our journal and other resources or join the discussion forums or ask a question. If you’re not a member – read a little bit more about our society and perhaps you will think about joining us

The Tissue Viability Society (TVS) is probably the world’s oldest society dedicated to all tissue viability issues. Formed in 1981 and a UK registered charity since 1996, the Society attracts members from all health care professions involved with tissue viability.

Our mission statement is “to disseminate information, promote research and increase awareness of all aspects of good clinical practice in wound prevention and management”.

Our goal is simply to provide expertise in wound management.

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