TVS 2014 – The Conference

We hope you were able to join us at TVS 2014 – The Conference in York

We are delighted to announce that many of the sessions at the conference were videoed and these will be added to our website in the near future. The conference attracted a record number of delegates and a great selection of exhibitors, here’s what some people said:

Thank you for all your efforts in delivering latest research which is really informative and quite useful.

Thank you! Really nicely organised, looking forward to your next event!

As a student nurse, I found it to be a fantastic learning curve.

It was the best conference ever!

Unfortunately I was unable to attend this year however my colleagues who manned the stand have fed back that attendance was fantastic with a high calibre of delegates.

Fantastic 2 days from a student perspective!

As a student, this conference has been extremely beneficial for my own learning and opportunity to network.

Great conference, well done.

Very enjoyable.

I was delighted to be awarded one of the undergraduate scholarships to attend the Tissue Viability Conference 2014 in York. I felt it was going to be a great opportunity not only to find out lots about tissue viability, but to also meet other like minded people and develop contacts.

The talks were very informative and it was really interesting to talk to companies about different products they offered for various wounds, pressure ulcer treatments and different cleaning products to use in the clinical settings.

The 2 days widened my knowledge of tissue viability, which will be helpful not only in finalising my dissertation, but also for my future career. I intend to share what I learnt with my friends to increase their awareness of skin integrity and pressure ulcer prevention.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting nurses from different parts of the country and discussing different treatments they use in their area to treat and prevent pressure ulcers.

Thank you for the opportunity to attend such a great event and I  thoroughly looking forward to attending the Tissue Viability Society conference next year.

Faith Wilson, winner of TVS Scholarship to TVS 2014 – The Conference

I was very honoured to be a recipient of the undergraduate scholarship to attend the TVS Conference in York. This has not only allowed me to reflect on my own practice but also to learn from my peers and other professionals.

As a final year undergraduate student, it helped form a better understanding of research and the role in disseminating research. In addition, the two days provided informative lectures which provoked discussions and gave insight into the future research and roles in wound care.  The workshops on clinical practice such as the lightweight heel bandaging for DFUs were insightful and practical. In addition, talking about other professional’s experience and journeys in Tissue Viability allowed me to gain insight into Tissue Viability as a future career.

I enjoyed meeting other professionals and companies in the conference-it was a great opportunity to network and discover some new innovations on the market. Also, the Italian themed dinner was great fun

I intend to share my experience with my fellow peers and with my mentors via a small presentation. Reflection upon this experience has allowed me to gain confidence and to develop ways to improve not only patient experience but also developing my own knowledge throughout my career.

Thank you for sharing this opportunity to students like myself to attend this event. I appreciated your wonderful hospitality and I look forward to attending the conference again next year.

Thank you very much

Molly Connolly, winner of TVS Scholarship to TVS 2014 – The Conference

I was lucky enough to be awarded one of the undergraduate scholarships to this years Tissue Viability Conference, which was held at the stunning York university campus .The conference was a brilliant learning experience for me as a third year undergraduate student with the many interesting speakers and interesting workshops.

I particularly enjoyed being introduced to new research being undertaken within the area of tissue viability as it helped me with writing my dissertation and I feel will support my clinical practice. The soft casting workshop was a highlight of mine as it is something I had not previously heard of and was interactive which assisted in my learning.

The Italian themed dinner was a great way of meeting other professionals in a relaxed setting. The food was very nice and my special dietary needs were catered for well. The exhibition increased my knowledge and I found all the company representatives very helpful in teaching me about their products.

I would like to thank The Tissue Viability Society for this incredible opportunity and would recommend this conference to anyone with an interest in tissue viability. I hope to attend the conference again when qualified.

Robyn Hawkins, winner of TVS Scholarship to TVS 2014 – The Conference

I was honoured to be awarded a post-graduate scholarship to attend the TVS Conference. I thought the programme was excellent, providing a good balance between the latest developments in research and clinically relevant workshops.

Attending the Conference further enabled me to network with researchers, healthcare professionals and industry representatives, which has already proved useful for my clinical academic career.

Marjolein Woodhouse, winner of TVS Scholarship to TVS 2014 – The Conference

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