2020 Activities

Here are just some of the activities that took place during the 2020 #STOPthePressure day. If you have anything you would like to share, get in touch!

Faith Lewis, Tissue Viability Nurse, Integrated Tissue Viability: Community, West Suffolk Hospital, watched the recent “apples to pressure ulcers” TVN TV clip by Leanne Atkin and decided to create her own for the team. She also created a quiz for the Integrated Trust.

Deborah Duke, Deputy Service Manager, Action for Care in Selby, ordered one of our #STOPthePressure grab packs and had a great afternoon of learning and sharing information that some staff had little knowledge of.

Deborah said “Due to the current situation with COVID and the restrictions in place we decided to make our day fun as well as educational. This helped lift the mood but also gave some of our service users a bit of a giggle”.

The TVS, NHS England and NHS Improvement, in collaboration with industry and media partners organised a fun virtual “pub” quiz. Teams were encouraged to grab a bottle (or two!), some snacks and join in the fun as their PRESSURE knowledge was tested! Team “3M & The Bony Prominences” won with a fantastic 49 out of 50 score!

As part of the 2020 STOP the Pressure National Campaign, Activheal organised “The Great #STOPthePressure Bake Off” competition! This was a virtual baking competition and the entries were outstanding! Here is the winning cake from the very talented Sarah Wilson.