Applying to be a Trustee

Would you like to influence the TVS agenda? Are you keen to work together and rise to the challenge of improving skin health and wound care? Then why not become a Trustee of the UK’s leading wound care society – applications are now open!


Vacancies are open to all current TVS members who are either healthcare professionals or employed in research and teaching. Up to 2 Trustees on the TVS Council of Trustees may be members of industry.

All candidates for election must be prepared to fulfil the role of a Trustee of a Registered Charity where they should attend meetings of Council and actively seek to develop and strengthen the Tissue Viability Society click here to see the Role of a Trustee.

For further information on being a UK charity trustee, please read The Essential Trustee – what you need to know

The Tissue Viability Society draws members from a wide variety of professions and, as far as is possible, the composition of the TVS Council of Trustees should reflect this breadth of membership. To maintain the balance of the Council of Trustees, the Council will scrutinise applications based on three broad categories: clinical, academic and industry. We currently have one vacancy for an industry Trustee, one for an academic, and up to four for clinical Trustees. We would like our Council to reflect membership from across the UK and since we currently have representation from England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, applications from Wales would be especially welcome. 

TVS members are invited to put themselves forward for election and must provide the details of two other TVS members who will propose and second their application using the nomination form set out below.


  1. Candidates who are successful are expected to attend all TVS Trustee meetings (either in person or by teleconference), attend the annual conference and Annual General Meeting and contribute to various TVS Trustee sub groups.
  2. No member can propose or second more than one candidate.
  3. Only members of the Tissue Viability Society are entitled to propose, stand or vote.
  4. If there are more nominations than vacancies, a ballot through the TVS website by an independent 3rd party will take place.
  5. All proposers and seconders must be members of the TVS.
  6. The proposer and seconders may be contacted by the Society to verify details and provide a reference.

Complete the form below and apply NOW!

Closing date for submissions is Friday 30 April 2021

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