Strangers, Friends & Family – Helping Key Workers during COVID-19!

Read the latest blog from Linda Primmer, TVS Chair & Community TVN, on strangers, family and friends helping key workers during COVID-19

I am sure, like me, you have been amazed by the generous support the British public has demonstrated for key workers across the UK during this challenging time.

Within my immediate ‘wee world’ in Edinburgh alone, the following remarkable quiet acts of generosity have been exhibited by family, friends and strangers from across the UK.

‘Laser Kate’ (Instagram @_laser.kate_) from Kent (Teacher, mum & handicrafter extraordinaire)

Kate has been cutting away with her laser plane to make these great wee mask extender gadgets using a template from a designer in the USA who has generously made the design open access/free to use. Click here to find out more.

You can imagine my excitement when I saw how SKIN INTEGRITY and COMFORT is aided when wearing masks that hook behind the ear – friction, shear and pressure are easily prevented. Colleagues constantly remark how they help prevent ‘sore ears’ and keep the mask from slipping off their nose and mouth. Being made from acrylic they can be wiped with / soaked in cleansing solutions. (more…)

It’s OK not to be OK

Welcome to a guest blog written by Dr Leanne Atkin, Vascular Nurse Specialist, Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust. Lecturer University of Huddersfield

“It sometimes feels like I am in a parallel universe!  Society around me seems to be having extended holidays, family BBQs, street parties and days out at the beach. I am rather sick of seeing peoples’ social media posts about having time to take up a new hobby, getting fit and spring cleaning their houses. For me (and many of you) working life continues. Our Vascular Service is quieter than normal but never has it been so emotionally challenging.


The importance of the Tissue Viability Society’s Trustee election – voting closes 7th June

Read the latest blog from Tina Chambers, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Tissue Viability, on the importance of the 2020 TVS Trustee Elections

“For the first time in many years the TVS is required to hold a ballot to elect our new trustees. Whilst we could have had an election each year, for as long as I can remember, those that have applied have been elected unopposed. This is a very positive thing for our Society as it demonstrates that there are members who wish to serve and guide the future of their Society. The TVS is owned and run by members – this is our 40th year which is a great landmark.


A COVID-19 Challenge

Read the latest blog from Joanna Swann, Lead Tissue Viability Nurse at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, on the challenges of Pressure ulcers (PU) in the proned Intensive Care patient

“I won’t be the first to say we are in challenging times. Our work places are experiencing unprecedented changes that are testing all of us and we can’t do the things we would normally do to de-stress; meet with family and friends, go to the gym, enjoy a holiday. However, there are many opportunities to learn new skills and make changes to practice to improve outcomes for patients suffering with COVID-19.


Tech Savvy!

Welcome to the TVS blog written by Natasha Levy, Senior Lecturer & Podiatrist at Department of Health Sciences, University of Huddersfield

On 20th March the University of Huddersfield, like all other universities, closed its campus, whilst still continuing to support and teach students remotely via online lectures, chat rooms and webinars. So what? I hear you say. Well, in the Podiatry department we had another challenge to solve, what do you do when you have a clinic you and your patients can no longer access?

We have a Podiatry clinic where students under the supervision of Podiatry academics care for a range of people with complex medical and tissue viability needs. It was impossible for us to think about shutting our doors completely, but how to ensure no one was put at undue risk?