Charity Fundraising

The Tissue Viability Society are embarking on a Journey to the Centre of Mars (the Ruby Red planet)

As part of our 40th Ruby Anniversary activities (strongly hampered by Covid-19), we aim to raise money to develop and deliver a programme of training and education to say a huge thank you to all our CARERS across the UK.

So please help us to help them and say THANK YOU

The mission of the Tissue Viability is “to disseminate information, promote research and increase awareness of all aspects of good clinical practice in wound prevention and management” so it’s a perfect fit!

As we mentioned, it’s our 40 year RUBY RED Anniversary and we’re determined to not let this monumental anniversary pass by unrecognised and are therefore embarking on a mission to walk to the centre of Mars, the RUBY RED planet.

Mars has a radius of 2,106 miles (approx 4,500,000 steps) and the TVS trustees, members and sponsors are taking on this challenge during the month of July collectively.

From 1st July each trustee and member who is joining the campaign will be setting their own personal challenge to increase the number of steps they normally do. Steps will be recorded using any suitable device / smart phone / Fitbit etc and submitted by email to and we will monitor our progress and publish through our social media channels.

If you’d like to join the challenge, please get in touch via email.

During lockdown you will all have been amazed by the sacrifices many carers have made to provide much needed care to the most vulnerable people in our society – the elderly, the homeless and those with learning disabilities. These people have the biggest risk to their health from Covid-19 and, they have also had to endure the loss of contact with family and friends possibly more than most people. Carers have been amazing in filling that gap for this vulnerable group and are often, unfortunately, the ones least able to access the training and education they need.

This is just the start of a programme of support the TVS plan to provide for carers during 2020 -2021 and beyond.

So please help us to help them and say THANK YOU

The TVS Charity needs your help! Donate or walk with us Today!

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