Cooperating Partners

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The goal of the TVS is to provide expertise in wound management and to help us achieve our goal, we have secured a close cooperation with several organisations, both in the UK and Europe.

Here is an overview of the TVS Cooperating Partners – click the links to find out more about these organisations:-

The British Lymphology Society (BLS) is a dynamic and innovative body providing a strong professional voice and support for those involved in the care and treatment of people with lymphoedema and related lymphatic disorders, including lipoedema. The Society seeks to achieve high standards of care and equitable access to treatment across the UK and promotes early detection and intervention and, where appropriate, screening and prevention.

Elsevier – Journal of Tissue Viabilitydbb6ea96-022a-42e1-8e31-c68d17afdc06 – The JTV is the official publication of the Tissue Viability Society and has been published by Elsevier Ltd since January 2008. This journal, indexed in several electronic databases, covers all aspects of the growing field of Tissue Viability.

epuapEPUAP European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel’s mission statement is to provide the relief of persons suffering from or at risk of pressure ulcers, in particular through research and the education of the public and by influencing pressure ulcer policy in all European countries towards an adequate patient centred and cost effective pressure ulcer care.

EWMA European Wound Management Association are initiated in cooperation with different national or international organisations, aiming at goals such as an increased data collection and quality of evidence, implementation of knowledge and development of education within wound management.  Click here for access to the EWMA Journal  Click here to access information on the EWMA 2019 Conference

The Infection Prevention Society (IPS)Print  has a mission to inform promote and sustain expert infection prevention policy and practice in the pursuit of patient or service user and staff safety wherever care is delivered.

Leg Ulcer Forumcropped-lufheaderbranded1082 provides a forum to advance the education of nurses and other healthcare professionals involved in the treatment of persons with leg ulcers and related conditions including wounds through discussion, debate and dissemination of relevant research findings.

Lindsay Leg Club Foundation has been created to relieve suffering from leg ulcers and associated conditions through the implementation of an award winning model that motivates and empowers patients to take ownership of their care, alleviate their suffering and reduce the stigma attached to their condition. It also seeks to further advance education in all aspects of leg health among sufferers, carers, the general public and the healthcare professions.

Lipoedema UK’s mission is to educate all doctors and healthcare professionals to recognise and diagnose Lipoedema, so everyone with Lipoedema receives appropriate advice and care. Because Lipoedema is frequently mistaken for obesity or Lymphoedema, many women don’t get appropriate advice or treatment – a state of affairs they are on a mission to change.

Mark Allen Publishing – The Journal of Wound Carejwclogo2006cmyk has an impact factor and is MedLine listed and is the leading monthly international wound care journal. JWC is essential reading for wound care professionals who are serious about providing the best possible support for the people in their care, and those who want to keep on top of the latest thinking and research. The JWC also publish for both EWMA and the WUWHS.

Wound Care People – The Journal of Community Nurses (JCN)jcn-logo and Journal of General Practice Nursing (GPN) provide healthcare professionals with vital education for day-to-day practice, while the online learning zones help to develop knowledge in key areas of care.

wounds-uk-logoWounds UK – adding value, enhancing understanding, changing practice. Wounds UK is part of the Wounds Group which is a major international healthcare communications business with a global reach in wound management. Their mission is to deliver innovative educational materials, online, in print and in person that successfully meet the needs of those practising wound healing across different geographies.

World Union of Wound Healing Societieswuwhs mission is to co-ordinate a world-wide exchange of information between wound societies and other relevant stakeholders, including international and global agencies as well as personal-level friendship exchanges.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a cooperating partner with the TVS, get in touch!