JTV Editor in Chief: Call for interest

We are looking for an Editor in Chief for the Journal of Tissue Viability

The Editor in Chief would be expected to be an established leader in the field with a track record of a programme of research and publications in the specialty area of tissue viability with a strong clinical focus and/or collaborations.

How to apply

  • The appointment will be for an initial period of 3 years, with a start date of 19th April 2022. Prospective candidates are asked to send a curriculum vitae and a cover letter (max 2 pages), detailing their interest for the position, to tvs@tvs.org.uk.
  • Potential applicants are encouraged to discuss their interests with the current Editor in Chief, Professor Dan Bader D.L.Bader@soton.ac.uk.

Closing date

The deadline for submitting applications is 17th December 2021

Role and Responsibilities

The Editor in Chief is responsible for defining an overall strategy for the Journal and upholding the mission of the publication. They provide strategic leadership to the editorial team and engage the Journal with the UK Tissue Viability Society and wider international communities. The Editor in Chief evaluates each submission and assigns, if appropriate, to an associate editor, who recommends whether the manuscript should be sent to reviewers, transferred, or rejected without review, based on the scope of the Journal and how it ranks relative to other submissions. The Editor in Chief also handles ethics cases, editorials, correspondence and the commission of special issues.

Skills and Experience

  • An international reputation as an outstanding contributor in the field of the treatment of wounds and ulcers, along with a demonstratable publication profile and/or research portfolio.
  • A demonstrated commitment to constructive participation in academic peer review.
  • An ability to engage diplomatically with authors, the editorial board, and reviewers.
  • An interest in remaining abreast of issues and developments in scientific publishing.
  • An unwavering commitment to quality, integrity, and principles of academic freedom.
  • A willingness to work with a high volume of submissions using an online manuscript handling system and manage direct email correspondence.
  • Experience working on a scholarly journal and managing multiple papers in a timely manner through peer review.

The Journal

  • The Journal of Tissue Viability is the official publication of the UK Tissue Viability Society and is a quarterly journal concerned with both clinical and scientific aspects of the prevention, occurrence and treatment of wounds, ulcers and tissue-related injury. This includes topics of patient care, pain, nutrition, wound healing, research in tissue engineering, mobility, quality of life, and management strategies.
  • The Journal particularly encourages papers covering skin and skin wounds but will consider articles that discuss injury of other soft tissues. Articles that highlight the multi-professional nature of tissue viability are especially welcome. We seek to encourage new authors as well as well-established contributors to the field – one aim of the Journal is to enable all participants in tissue viability to share information with colleagues.
  • 2020 CiteScore: 4.9
  • 2020 Impact Factor: 2.932
  • The Journal website can be found here