Our History

The Tissue Viability Society has been in existence for over 40 remarkable years!

Brief synopsis of our history…

The TVS started as a regional group of the Wessex Rehabilitation Association in 1979 becoming a national society in 1980 and gaining its charitable status in the mid 1990s.

In the early days the Society had both a Chair and a President both serving two year terms – the process being you served as Chair for 2 years then became President for a further two years.

In the 1980s and early 1990s Chair/Presidents were Norman Exton-Smith, Michael Hall, Tony Barton, Rosemary Crow, John Silver, Joe Barbenel and Michael Clark. The organisation was driven by its secretary and editor of Care – Science and Practice, James Robertson.

The journal went through several names and formats in the 1980s and became the Journal of Tissue Viability (JTV) in 1991. Editors have included Martin Ferguson-Pell, James Robertson, Peter Shakespeare, Krzys Gebhardt, Michael Clark and Dan Bader.

In the 1990s the secretary was John Gisby assisted by Dawn Roberts.

Over the years Chairs have included Trudie Young, Deb Thompson, Helen Orchard, Carol Dealey, Maureen Benbow, Nicky Cullum, John Young, James Robertson, Jane Nixon, Alison Hopkins, Tina Chambers, Heidi Sandoz, Ray Samuriwo, Linda Primmer and Jeannie Donnelly.