Our Trustees

Who manages the Tissue Viability Society?

The TVS is an independent registered charity run by a body of Trustees. The current Trustees of the Tissue Viability Society are listed at the bottom of the page. You can see their biographies in the on-line brochure below:

Linda Primmer (Chair)

Tissue Viability Nurse Specialist, NHS Lothian Edinburgh. Trustee since 2014.

Tina Chambers 

Clinical Nurse Specialist in Tissue Viability.  Trustee since 2012.

Dr Jeannie Donnelly (Vice Chair)

Lead Nurse, Tissue Viability at Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. Co-opted Trustee since 2019.

Ina Farrelly

Director of the Centre of Excellence and Innovation,Lead Podiatrist, Accelerate CIC. Trustee since 2019.

Sarah Gardner

Clinical Lead, Community Tissue Viability Service, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. Trustee since 2016.

Dr Jemell Geraghty  

Nurse Consultant Tissue Viability, Turning Point. Trustee since 2016.

David Hibbitt 

Advanced Medical Solutions. Trustee since 2018.

Rachael Lee (Treasurer)

Clinical Pathway Lead for Integrated Care at Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust. Trustee since 2019.

Natasha Levy, Senior Lecturer at Department of Health Sciences, University of Huddersfield. Trustee since 2019.

Dr Liang Qin Liu

Research Fellow/Lecturer in Centre for Critical Research in Nursing and Midwifery (CCRNM), Adult, Child and Midwifery, Middlesex University, London. Trustee since 2019.

Sharon Neill

Tissue Viability Nurse Specialist (Trust Team lead), Northern Health & Social Care Trust. Trustee since 2020.

Fran Spratt

Lead Nurse Tissue Viability, Southampton University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Trustee since 2014.

Nikki Stubbs

Clinical Pathway Lead, Leeds Community Healthcare, NHS Trust, Trustee since 2017.

Joanna Swann  

Lead Tissue Viability Nurse at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust. Trustee since 2018

Gill Sykes  

Advanced Podiatrist at Harrogate and District NHS Trust. Trustee since 2016.

Connie Traynor

TVN/Plastics, RGN, BSc, MSc, BMI Healthcare. Trustee since 2017.

Kate Williams

Wound Clinical Nurse Specialist at Leeds Community Wound Prevention and Management Service. Trustee since 2018.

Hayley Wright

Tissue Viability Nurse, Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust. Trustee since 2020.

Co-opted Trustees

Clare Greenwood, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals

Victoria Murray, Clinical Specialist – North Europe Region, 3M United Kingdom PLC

Jane Nixon, Deputy Director of the Leeds Institute Clinical Trials Research, University of Leeds. Co-opted Trustee since 2019.

Samantha Wharton, Tissue Viability Nurse, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Dan Bader (Editor of the Journal of Tissue Viability)

Professor of Bioengineering and Tissue Health, University of Southampton and Editor of the Journal of Tissue Viability.

If you wish to communicate with a specific Trustee, click here to use our Contact page and please state the name of the Trustee you would like to speak to