Pressure ulcers during coronavirus (Covid-19)

The Tissue Viability Society is keen to support Healthcare Professionals and their patients during Coronavirus (COVID-19). Using resources from organisations, including their Corporate Sponsors and Industry Partners, the table below is the latest information available for Pressure Ulcer prevention and management.

3M+KCIPressure ulcer (PU) category guideClick here for more information
Bradford Teaching HospitalsAdvice for staff on preventing pressure ulcers while wearing PPEClick here to view the video
British Association of Critical Care Nurses (BACCN)Patient Positioning (Critical Care Patients): ProneClick here for more information
British Journal of NursingIV Therapy Supplement - Article on the use of sutureless, adhesive securement devices in vascular access. Contains useful information that would help secure urinary catheters and prevent pressure ulcersClick here for more information
ConvaTecTime is Pressure Pocket GuideClick here for more information
Faculty for Intensive Care MedicineGuidance for: Prone Positioning in Adult Critical CareClick here for more information
Journal of Wound CareDevice-related pressure ulcers: SECURE preventionClick here for more information
NHS England & NHS ImprovementPressure ulcer prevention guidance when nursing patients in the prone positionClick here for more information
Skin care during proning checklistClick here for more information
NPIAP (National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel)Pressure Injury Prevention Tips for Prone PositioningClick here for more information
TVN TVPressure ulcer prevention during COVID-19 Click here for more information

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