Research & Innovation

Dr Jo Dumville – Rise of the machines – innovation and evidence in wound care (TVS 2019 – Southampton)

Professor Lisette Schoonhoven – Global IAD Tool: development and results (TVS 2019 – Southampton)

Professor Jane Nixon – Overview of the NIHR wounds research portfolio (TVS 2019 – Southampton)

Leila Rooshenas – Is it possible to deliver a randomised controlled trial comparing post-surgical dressings strategies, including “no dressing”? Findings of the Bluebelle study (TVS 2019 – Southampton)

Mr Srinivasa Chakrovarty Budithi – Pitfalls in the management of pressure ulcers (TVS 2019 – Southampton)

Chunhu Shi – Support surfaces for pressure ulcer prevention: a network meta-analysis (TVS 2019 – Southampton)

Miss Jennifer Law – The impact of postoperative packing of perianal abscess cavities: a multicentre randomised controlled trial (PPAC2) (TVS 2018 – Kingston Park Stadium, Newcastle)

Dr Mary Madden – Exploring histories and futures of innovation in advanced wound care (TVS 2018 – Kingston Park Stadium, Newcastle)

Professor Lisette Schoonhoven – The state of research for pressure ulcers (TVS 2018 – Kingston Park Stadium, Newcastle)

Dr Jo Dumville – Wound research for patient benefit: the key messages (TVS 2017 – Birmingham)

Jonathan Bisson – The importance of evidence for practice (TVS 2016 – Cardiff)

Dr Georgina Gethin – Standardising outcome measurement in wound care trials: The need for consensus (TVS 2016 – Cardiff)

Val Henderson & Louise Jones – Experiences of a PI and CRN in TV research (TVS 2014 – York)