The Role of a TVS Trustee

We have a Council of Trustees who are elected by members and serve to guide the strategic direction of the Society – they are accountable to all members of TVS and industry sponsors. New trustees are elected at the Annual General Meeting at the TVS Conference.


Please see below for roles and responsibilities:


  • Responsible for directing the affairs of the charity, ensuring it is solvent, well run and delivering the outcomes for the benefit of the membership
  • Acts with integrity and only in furtherance of the charity’s objectives – ensures compliance, duty of prudence and duty of care
  • Complies with all legislation
  • Individual role: has responsibility to scrutinise all documents and finance
  • Collective role: Development of vision and strategy
  • Attendance at meetings – 4 face-to-face, full-day meetings and 6 one-hour teleconferences a year
  • Duties include replying to emails, volunteering for TVS sub groups and commitment to actions
  • Makes effective decisions


  • Responsible for the charity governance: annual report and submission to Charity Commission. Fully aware of Charity Commission requirements
  • Ensures full participation of Trustees
  • Directs the strategy and activity of the Society
  • Spokesperson for the TVS
  • Ensures accounts are submitted
  • Leads liaison with industry
  • Seeks and takes advice

Vice Chair

  • Assists Chair in day to day decision making
  • Fully aware of Charity Commission requirements


  • Ensures proper accounts are kept, including forecasting
  • Ensures all Trustees have access to review accounts at each meeting
  • Directs the Chair to any financial risks