Seating Guidelines

Understanding the risk of pressure ulcers when sitting in adults – What does it mean for me and my carers?

The TVS Seating Guidelines published within the Journal of Tissue Viability (JTV)

These are available to view online by clicking the links below:-

Developing the tissue viability seating guidelines

Understanding the association between pressure ulcers and sitting in adults what does it mean for me and my carers? Seating guidelines for people, carers and health & social care professionals

“At a Glance” Seating Guidelines for people, carers, health and social care professionals

The aim of this guide is to provide up to date information regarding the risk of developing a pressure ulcer through sitting for long periods of time.

Click here to download a pdf of the At a Glance document

Click here to read how Melanie Stephens and Carol Bartley, from the University of Salford, are seeking to raise public awareness of the best ways to avoid pressure ulcers 

Update November 2020

The TVS held their very first Webinar on Thursday 12 November to share those successes and explore the challenges faced by clinicians from an academic and practical perspective. The event was of value to all nursing and Allied Health Professional Groups in addition to patients and carers wanting to understand how the guidelines can support good seating and posture and aid the prevention of skin damage related to all things seating.

If you missed the webinar click here to watch it now!