Skin Care Champions


The TVS have identified an opportunity to facilitate an online education programme and support network which will develop ‘Skin Care Champions’ in the Care Home and Home Care sector, an area which up to now has been largely neglected. The opportunity was initially brought to the notice of the TVS by a Home Care Manager who contacted the Society through the website with the outline idea.

Due to the impact of Coronavirus, awareness of the whole Care Home/Home Care sector has risen dramatically, and the nation has recognised and applauded the essential role played by carers in the healthcare system. However, training for these essential workers can be extremely variable.

The Tissue Viability Society are excited and delighted to be the recipients of the prestigious Urgo Foundation award in November 2020 in support of this project.


The TVS want to provide a trusted and endorsed programme of cost-effective and easily accessible education that will ensure organisations who subscribe will have a Skin Care Champion who can help to ensure that excellent care is provided to their clients and residents and be seen as a source of information and knowledge to their peers.

The Pilot

A pilot programme will be launched late 2020 and will offer education and training to the identified Skin Care Champion within a member organisation on some/all of the following topics:-

• Pressure ulcers what are they and how are they caused
• Prevention of pressure ulcers
• Skin care
• Care of the lower limb
• Keep moving/off-loading of pressure – repositioning
• Off-loading of pressure equipment – mattress, cushions
• Seating to prevent pressure ulcers
• Increased moisture – MASD Skin protection
• Prevention and management of urinary incontinence
• Faecal incontinence
• Nutrition
• Skin tears – prevention and management
• Wound assessment and documentation

What’s next?

Further information about the Programme will be available soon but if you want details on how you can become involved, please contact us via