Skin Care Champions

Our Skin Care Champions Programme & Network is the latest educational offering from the TVS and one which has won the prestigious Urgo Foundation Award. We are looking for 15 Care Homes/Home Care Agencies to join the programme initially. Please see below for more information and get in touch if you are interested. 


Due to the impact of Coronavirus, awareness of the whole Care Home/Home Care sector has risen dramatically, and the nation has recognised and applauded the essential role played by carers in the healthcare system. However, training for these essential workers can be extremely variable due to resource and financial constraints.

The TVS want to provide a trusted and endorsed programme of cost-effective and easily accessible education and networking that will ensure organisations who subscribe will have a Skin Care Champion who can help to make sure that excellent care is provided to their clients and residents and be seen as a source of information and knowledge to their peers

Within the TVS, our Trustees have extensive experience of working both clinically and as educators. We understand the educational needs of Healthcare Professionals from both sides and our Skin Care Champions Programme & Network will reflect this.

Objectives of The Skin Care Champions Programme & Network

  • To work with Care Homes and Home Care Agencies to help bring high quality, independent education to the sector in line with our aim and mission. To provide this education through a well known virtual platform that is both user friendly and cost-effective for the recipients
  • To ensure that the Skin Care Champions programme & network is:
    • Of a high quality in line with the TVS ethos
    • Designed to meet any stated learning objectives or outcomes
    • Evidence based
    • Free of any product bias or promotion
    • Easily accessible to members of the Skin Care Champions Programme
  • To share our expertise, thoughts and ideas as clinicians and educators on learning and education to ultimately help raise the standard of education in the wound management and prevention arena within the Care Home/Home Care sector
  • To improve patient care though helping to provide and disseminate TVS endorsed education to Care Workers throughout the UK
  • Click here to download a copy of our brochure 

“Igniting the potential for great skin care in the social care sector”

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