STOP the Pressure!

#StopthePressure Week 15-19 November 2021

At the TVS, we believe that skin health and wound healing is everyone’s business and that change happens when we work together, not in silos and that is why the TVS have joined forces with the National Wound Care Strategy Programme, industry and media partners to increase awareness and understanding among the public and healthcare professionals.

Here’s how you can get involved to Stop the Pressure:-

What are you doing to help raise awareness? Are you…

  • Hosting educational activities on prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers?
  • Organising awareness raising events to share information about pressure ulcers?
  • Reaching out to your local community to inform them about pressure ulcers?
  • Making policy makers aware about pressure ulcers?

Do you have resources we can share? Get in touch and we’ll share your ideas!

Need some content for your local comms team?

Download our press release and pass it on!