Thursday – Nutrition & Hydration

In partnership with the National Wound Care Strategy Programme & the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

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Let’s have a drink to celebrate Stop Pressure Ulcer Day


Thursday 18 November 1230-1330


FREE to attend via the Zoom Webinar platform, will also be streaming to Facebook Live and the TVS website. Webinar will also be available to view on catch-up

The Speaker

  • Karen Green, Deputy Sister, Chief Nurse Fellow, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
  • Moderating the webinar – Tina Chambers, Tissue Viability Consultant, Educator and Advisor


The N of the SKIN Bundle is Nutrition and Hydration. The importance of nutrition receives a lot of coverage  so to address the balance we will focus on hydration.

On International Stop Pressure Ulcer day we bring to you a presentation on hydration; hydration in terms of health but also in the prevention of pressure ulcers. To highlight the importance of hydration, consider a tool used to assess and monitor hydration and tips to improve hydration for those at risk of pressure ulcers

Learning Objectives

By attending this webinar you will:-

  • recognise the importance of hydration in preventing pressure ulcers
  • be able to identify the effects of dehydration
  • have seen a tool to identify risk of dehydration and how it might be used to improve hydration
  • have identified tips for how patient hydration can be maintained or improved